CSA are dependdne to weather and crop failure. colors and flaower will vary from week to week and from one customer to anither- it is based strictly on avivlablity. There is no skipping weeks. If a week is unable to be fullfiled sure to a act of nature (wind storm or early frost) the customer will be reimbursed for the value of the specific week ex.  $20. 

We are not responsible to allergies reactions or other health issues arrising from flowers. Cusotmer assumes all risk and liability for the pruchase. Be forewadned that all flowers should be assumed as poisonous when handling. While many may not be, popular flowers usch as delphinium, lilies, and daffodils can cause toxic skin reactions, or may be deadly to pets. We are not respobsible for any personal harm of damage to personal propetty that arises from oruchasing the flowers- including but not limtied to broken vases, staining as a result of pollen, flower latex damage to surfaces, mold grow from poorly maintain water and etc.